Museum directors protest against closure

Directors of renowned art museums in germany have protested in a letter against the closure of their houses due to the new corona regulations. "Recognizably, the policy has made an effort to take a differentiated approach in shaping the recent lockdown," the 36 directors shared.

Unfortunately, however, the cultural sector was once again affected to an extreme degree, and with it the museums, which were to be closed for several weeks for the second time this year. "With all understanding for the challenges that corona imposes on all of us, we think this is a wrong decision."

Museums are among the safest public places. The hygiene and distance rules developed since march, the limitation of the number of visitors and the consequent renunciation of openings and coarser events had been maintained. If the museums have now been closed again, this seems more like a symbolic gesture. "It is beyond us why it is possible to keep open hardware stores, car dealerships and other businesses, but close museums that have the same or more coarse draw areas for corona-appropriate public traffic."

Clear plant is being renewed

Karl-heinz hofmann at its meeting on monday, the works committee of the kronach city council dealt with the report on the audit of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 financial statements and unanimously approved the submitted economic plan for 2020 as well as the financial plan for the years 2020 to 2023. Under the leadership of the second mayor angela hofmann (CSU), the commercial manager johannes meitner and plant manager jochen loffler were able to convince with their presented numerical material.

The council unanimously stated that the municipal utilities were on the right track. This was also confirmed by the audit carried out by the bavarian municipal auditing association (BKPV), which, on the basis of a city council resolution of 24. The audit of the annual financial statements for 2016 to 2018 was carried out in september 2019. Accordingly, the BKPV judged the management’s description of the situation to be plausible and consistent, based on the results of the audit and the findings obtained, including the opportunities and risks of future development presented. According to the BKPV, the assessment of the situation by the plant management was appropriate in terms of scope and accurate in terms of content. The audit did not reveal any indications that the continued existence of the company was in jeopardy.

Problem of aid

Under the item "other significant findings" encouraged the supervisory body to examine the aid problem and take the necessary steps to avoid adverse legal consequences. However, the BKPV also points out that in several cases the EU commission has taken the view that certain activities have a purely local impact due to their special characteristics and therefore do not affect trade between member states.

A soccer match in liverpool led to corona fatalities?

At the champions league match between FC liverpool and atletico madrid on 11. March more than 50.000 fans in the famous stadium of anfield. A few weeks later, hospitals in the liverpool area were filled with deaths from people infected with the corona virus.

Allegation: crowds at the game are said to have driven up corona infections in the region. This is said to have led to more death traps as a result.

EVALUATION: that the match accelerated the spread of the coronavirus is considered likely though. But there is no proof of any more deaths.

Montenegro elections: djukanovic must fear for power base

A new parliament has been elected in montenegro with strong citizen participation. Until 13.00 a.M. 54 percent of the 540 or so residents of.000 eligible voters cast their ballots, according to the election research institute cemi in the capital podgorica.

That was 14 percentage points more than at the same time in the previous election in 2016. The ballot will decide whether president milo djukanovic can continue to rely on a parliamentary majority. For almost 30 years, the 58-year-old has held various positions in the former yugoslav republic of serbia. During this period, there was no democratic change of power in either parliamentary or presidential elections.

Eleven parties and electoral alliances competed for the 81 seats in the people’s assembly, which consists of one chamber. In the last polls, djukanovic’s ruling party, the DPS (democratic party of socialists), was leading with 35 percent. The opposition ran in three different constituencies, whose positions differed greatly from one another.

Rough fire on kilimanjaro continues - hope for rain

The fight against the flames that have been blazing for four days on africa’s highest mountain continues unabated with the simplest of means. On the southern flank of kilimanjaro, some of the 500 or so helpers tried to cut firebreaks with picks and branches.

According to tanzania’s tanapa national park authority, more than 28 square kilometers of heathland have burned so far. Tourism minister khamis kigwangalla called for increased efforts to get the rough fire under control during an on-site inspection. An initially announced press conference was canceled at short notice.

Tanapa chief allan kijazi, who briefed the minister on the scene, had said the night before: "but we have managed to contain the fire in rough areas." However, he admitted that the flames continued to rage unabated on difficult to reach new flats. Meanwhile, there were first hopes of rain after a few precipitations in the village of moshi, located at the foot of the mountain. According to tanapa, the blaze broke out at an altitude of just under 3,000 meters for reasons that are still unclear. The high and sometimes difficult-to-reach fire source made the firefighting work difficult.