Ebersbach community center is filled to capacity

Half of the town came – a unique reception for the FT event "at home". Editor josef hofbauer had an easy job moderating the evening, because ebersbach offers enough topics to talk about – from wind power to the west bypass, from youth clubs to club friends. Local councillor wilhelm schmitt (GDG) took advantage of the situation and collected donations for a last plantation. 900 euros were collected in no time at all.
Neunkirchen's mayor heinz richter (G) was also pleased with the good attendance, after being criticized in the town council for the dimensions of the building: "it's great that the room is full to capacity even before the inauguration." His wish: that the church would be just as full on sunday for the festive service.

W-questions occupy the burghers

He had been a bit queasy before the evening in ebersbach. Heinz richter, the mayor of neunkirchen, did not expect a standing ovation for his person – despite the joy in the district over the new community center, which the market community helped to finance to a large extent. Not all of ebersbach's worries have been eliminated by any means with the gebaude. Fire department commander jurgen braun's wish to finally get a replacement for the 1969 fire truck is the smallest of his problems. The W-questions are much trickier: wind turbine and west bypass.

Impressions from invisible climes

Documentary film has always had an important place in the cinematic landscape. Commercial successes like michael moore's "fahrenheit 9/11" works or "the journey of the penguins" of the french antarctic explorer luc jacquet made the genre public. But even in the short time of about ten minutes, it succeeds in effectively depicting aspects and actual events. The first role in the documentary film competition at the bamberger kurzfilmtage was a testament to this. "From searching and finding" was the overriding motto of the five cinematic entries.

"One in two" the title already reveals that the protagonists are double personalities. Producer jan mocka and director lilian nix researched the transvestite environment and documented the lives of normal men – and their parallel lives as women. We see the protagonists shopping for shoes and handbags, dive with them into the nightlife of rough metropolises, but also learn about their everyday work during the week. The makers have succeeded in portraying home-made conflicts, the search for living out one's own personality between publicity and privacy, the renunciation of "normality" partnerships, the difficult accord with prejudices.

Carmen butta observes in "akram and the wall in the sea an eleven-year-old fisherman at his daily work in the sea off gaza. She succeeded in creating a vivid reportage of a young man who, caught in his fate in many ways, is searching for his place in life. As a teenage breadwinner of his family caught in the difficult task, as an adolescent in the narrow confines of palastina, which are also found in the sea off the gaza strip.

Vattenfall profit rises - Germany remains rough market

The swedish energy group vattenfall achieved a net increase of almost 8 percent in the first half of 2019. Profit in the first six months of the year was 7.7 billion kroner (730.6 million euros), he said.

Net sales rose to 84.2 billion kronor from 75 billion kronor in the first half of 2018, the company announced friday in solna, near stockholm. The swedish energy group's earnings before interest and taxes, adjusted for non-recurring items, were 13.3 billion swedish kronor in the first half of 2019, up 1.3 percent on the same period of the previous year.

"You can say that we have a very stable development," vattenfall CEO magnus hall told the german press agency. The storm "alfrida" caused costs of almost one billion crowns for vattenfall at the beginning of the year. However, this and weaker sales figures have been offset by better results in electricity production. "This is more or less balancing out compared to the previous year," hall said.

Manuela hoch and her long history of suffering

Often it is only a fraction of a second that can change a life. This sentence is often said and written, but in fact it unfolds its cruel force only for those who experience its truth in their own bodies. In the case of manuela hoch, too, the event, the consequences of which have accompanied her for two years, was only the blink of an eye.

On 3. April 2016, her "unlucky day", as she says today, the 47-year-old had her shinbone smashed during a soccer match between DJK wurzburg and FSV holzkirchhausen/neubrunn. "I only saw legs coming towards me and while I was falling I could hear the bones breaking. I screamed like never before", she tells. And woman today that this was the moment when her life began to turn around.

It takes a long time to get manuela up from the field, because every movement hurts her endlessly. That's why she can't be transported by ambulance, but has to be picked up by a rescue helicopter. In the wurzburger uniklinik she is operated on the same day, gets a nail from the knee to the heel in the leg, in addition two screws in the ankle and one in the knee. "When I woke up, I had no end of pain and didn't know what was going on at first", says the former DJK player.

It has already become a tradition: the “caregivers” day” in october in schlaifhausen. Vdk district manager brigitte mauser again invited guests to the kroder inn, and numerous vdk caregivers from the district”s local associations were happy to accept the invitation. For all of them, this day is an uplifting meeting, where they can exchange ideas over coffee and cake and a hearty snack, get to know each other and find out the latest news from the vdk family.

Old county woman kuni saam also made her way to schlaifhausen. Also, district manager gunther edl stopped by, and for the first time, the new upper franconian district chief executive brigitte kellner took part in the event.

Also “soul comforter

"This meeting is of great importance and significance – a confirmation of our public relations work at grassroots level", mauser emphasized in her opening remarks. Deputy district chairwoman heidi fortsch expressed her thanks and appreciation for the voluntary work and the commitment of the caregivers to society: "money can”t pay for this, because for us it”s about wanting to help." It is not uncommon for people to be "consolers of souls" in their care work, in which a great deal is done. "Volunteers are indispensable, fortsch, who spoke on this topic, said. She then reported on the latest news from the district association, which currently has 10634 members and is proud of its achievements. "The growth in membership is rapid", reported the deputy county chairwoman visibly pleased. In 2018, for example, the district association in forchheim ranked first in upper franconia in terms of new members.

Deutsche bank may have to set aside less capital

According to the latest statement of the international financial stability board (FSB), the premium for systemic importance will be only 2.0 percentage points instead of 2.5 percentage points, as recently envisaged. This is shown in a table published on monday by the financial stability council.

Currently, only HSBC and jpmorgan are classified in the so-called category 4, which in future will have to hold 2.5 percentage points more capital than other banks. A year ago, the german bank was also classified in this category by the FSB. Now, like citigroup, they fell back into the third group. The building is also home to the british bank barclays and the french bank BNP paribas.

The top category, which potentially has to hold 3.5 percentage points more capital as a risk buffer than non-systemically important institutions, remains empty. Not on the list of the world’s most important money houses is still commerzbank. A year ago, the financial stability board removed germany’s second-largest bank from the list of banks whose collapse could pose a serious threat to the stability of the global economy.