Mourning for heinz losert

The fubballers in the lichtenfels district mourn heinz losert, who died this week at the age of 69. Losert lived in mistelfeld and is survived by his wife anna.

He is known to the people of lichtenfels as a long-time employee of the city, where he worked for 37 years. When he retired in 2014, he was foreman of the building yard.

Heinz losert was well known to soccer players as a player and, after his active career, as a player trainer and coach. His open, friendly manner made him a popular guy in the district, who attended games at district level until the end and was always a sought-after interlocutor there.

Verdi negotiates with ryanair about german flight attendants

The trade union verdi says it will begin negotiations this wednesday on a national collective bargaining agreement with the irish low-cost carrier.

The central demands include a substantial pay increase, verdi announced in berlin on monday. Due to seasonal fluctuations and a lack of flight hour guarantees, even some full-time employees could only receive up to 1,000 euros gross per month as a base salary.

"This is completely unacceptable," said federal board member christine behle. Ryanair must also recognize german social law on continued pay in the event of illness. Verdi also wants to tackle temporary work, loaned labor and short-term transfers.

Bavaria basketball players want to end cup curse

The time is ripe: at the top-four tournament for the german basketball cup, the FC bayern munchen hoopers want to end their 50-year curse and take home the trophy for the second time since 1968.

"We have to be mentally ready for the weekend and focus on ourselves," said bayern coach sasa djordjevic ahead of the semifinals against host ratiopharm ulm this saturday (16.00 a.M.).

Since 1993, basketball players have won the cup in a four-team tournament, with ALBA berlin and medi bayreuth also hoping to win this time in neu-ulm. "Bringing home a cup is always great," said ALBA pro luke sikma, who will play in the second semifinal duel on saturday (19.00 o’clock) is called for.

Attentive motorists in particular noticed it immediately in weismain on friday, shortly after 10 a.M.: after around two years of construction work, the road works department employees had removed the barrier signs from the new bypass.

The traffic on the bypass road in weismain was now able to move, because the traffic circles had been completed, the traffic lights had been installed and all the other signage had been created in such a way that a "new era" had begun of the road traffic in weismain could begin.

This will not only be appreciated by road users, as first mayor udo dauer said, but especially by drivers for whom the "upper gate" has always been an unbridgeable obstacle always represented an unbridgeable obstacle: farmers with their heavy tractors and all truck drivers.

Berlin: policeman (54) dragged along seventy meters on the run - almost 12 years in prison for thief

A car thief who dragged and seriously injured a berlin police officer as he fled has been sentenced to eleven and a half years in jail. The regional court sentenced the 29-year-old man on monday (19. March 2018) guilty, among other things, of attempted murder. The thief had recognized that a human was attached to the vehicle he had just stolen, but had stripped it and tried to escape, the judges found. The 54-year-old police officer was so severely injured in the attack in berlin-lichtenberg in august 2015 that he is still not fit for duty today.

Defendant had confessed

The court's verdict went beyond the prosecutor's request, which had called for nine years and six months in prison for attempted manslaughter, among other charges. The defense counsel had not made a specific request for punishment, the defendant had confessed.

He was like in a tunnel and under the influence of drugs, the man explained. He was also found guilty of gang theft, hit-and-run and resisting arrest. In addition, the court imposed a four-year driver's license suspension and ordered the defendant to be placed in a detention center after serving part of his sentence.

Two wins until the world championship - dbb team also dreams of the olympics

There is no sign of nervousness among the german basketball players ahead of the first match balls in the world championship qualifiers.

"Now come the two games that make the figures. We can go into this with a broad chest," says NBA pro maximilian kleber: "we want to get two wins, of course."With take place on thursday (18.00 a.M.) in estonia and three days later in leipzig against israel (6 p.M.).00 a.M.) the team has won a ticket to the 2019 world championships in china ahead of schedule. For the generation filled with outstanding talents it should be an intermediate step on the way to the olympic games.

"The goal of everyone here is tokyo 2020. That’s where we all want to be," said NBA young star dennis schroder. The german basketball association (DBB) team has missed the olympics twice, and at the 2014 world championships in spain it was only a spectator. But a lot has happened in the last few years. After last year’s quarterfinal exit from the european championship, national coach henrik rodl took over and led the team to six victories in six world cup qualifiers. Even vice world champions and olympic runners-up serbia were defeated twice.

When the t-shirt is the intestine

An eavesdropping attack through one’s own T-shirt? This idea comes to mind when you look at the unusual garment into which eight microphones have been sewn. But in the development of dr. Sarah fischer, assistant physician at the medical clinic 1 for gastroenterology, pneumology and endocrinology at the university hospital erlangen, it is not a police but a medical surveillance method. For the "gastro-digitalshirt" records the wearer’s bowel movements for several days or weeks, providing valuable data for the doctors treating the patient. They can, for example, evaluate treatment methods for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases or irritable bowel syndrome, according to a press release from the university.

For her development, sarah fischer has now been awarded the DGVS innovation prize "digital gastroenterology" by the german society for gastroenterology, digestive and metabolic diseases the "gastro-digital" award, which was presented for the first time this year.

Diagnostics to be expanded

Long-term recording of acoustic abdominal signals is expected to provide insights into the state and processes of the gastrointestinal tract of healthy subjects and especially of people with chronic diseases and to expand non-invasive diagnostics of gastrointestinal disorders. "With our project, we have also created the basis for evaluating individual everyday behavior in terms of its influence on the development of disease.", explains sarah fischer. "This makes it possible for us to develop personal risk management strategies together with the individual concerned.".

With humor into the depths of the Mordean soul

It is always exciting and humorous to read a book by helmut vorndran. Just as gripping and funny is a reading with the popular bestselling crime writer, who has ended his cabaret career with TBC (totales bamberger cabaret) and now concentrates on his literary art. At his reading on tuesday evening at the habfurt cultural office, he fascinated the audience with excerpts from his books.

According to the alphabet
In addition to the collection of "mords-geschichten" (murder stories) under the title "dead by franken" has helmut vorndran with "alabaster grave", "blood fire and "the colibri effect three bose, dramatic and mysterious franken crime novels written that could well be described as thrillers.

It is not by chance that the romance titles begin with the letters A, B and C. For the author, whose cabaret vein shines through in each of the books, plans sequels according to the order of the alphabet.

Young people receive much praise for 72 hours of commitment

Almost 165 young people made the district of forchheim a little better over the weekend: altar boys in kersbach, for example, made the community aware of the need to preserve biodiversity, even in a retirement home.

In eggolsheim, they have collected and sorted items that are no longer needed and then passed them on to charitable organizations. And on the castle feuerstein near ebermannstadt a garden of human rights was created.

A total of eight groups took part, and together they made six projects a reality. On sunday, more than half of the young people met at the parade ground in forchheim to conclude the action together. District administrator hermann ulm (CSU) praised the young people personally for their commitment and presented them with certificates.

Alexandra Hiersemann gives herself a fighting face

How spectacularly the political situation can change within a year. A year ago, SPD supporters celebrated their hopeful martin schulz, and member of the bundestag martina stamm-fibich arrived "completely inspired on the occasion of the political ash wednesday of the herzogenaurach SPD local association in the brewery inn heller.
This year, at least a record attendance at the event gave local chairwoman renate schroff reason to rejoice. The chairwoman spoke of extreme highs and lows of the SPD in the past year as well as of a disaster at the election and of a new situation after the jamaika-outs. Now eagerly awaiting the results of the member survey. "We have to be surprised. With our solidary attitude we will also get back into better waters", hopes the chairwoman.
For mayor german hacker, the change at the top of the party and in the key offices was necessary and right in view of a grand coalition after the federal election. The SPD had thus completed the forward-looking generation and personnel change in order to implement the party's substantive successes from the coalition negotiations.

No discussion of names

Alexandra hiersemann, member of the state parliament, looked ahead, saying that the SPD had run a highly motivated election campaign, but that the result had not lived up to what everyone had fought for. The members had also wished for a different strategic approach by the party in recent weeks. "But I want to make it clear: I am not taking part in the discussion about personnel issues and names that are currently flying through the air on a daily basis, this is not getting us anywhere", declared the delegate. People rightly expected the party to show itself reliable again.
The SPD will continue to fight against the sustained refusal of the CSU state government to implement federal requirements, such as work and training opportunities for fugitives in bavaria. Guidelines that were decided not least by the SPD participation in the last groko. The free state must also give project sponsors the opportunity to create long-term employment contracts and not lay the foundation for chain fixed-term contracts through the free state's practice of making demands here. The practice in the free state is in blatant discrepancy with the political sunday speeches of the CSU.

"Blurred guiding culture"

"And we will not allow the CSU, through the current bavarian minister of home affairs and the perhaps future federal minister of home affairs, to claim bavaria exclusively as its home. With their blurred and diffuse xenophobic guiding culture, they have not leased the bavarian and the french homeland for themselves. We bavarian social democrats also belong here", the member of the state parliament declared to applause.
Hiersemann also did not rule out a swing to the free voters. They are a bunch of individualists who do not have a unified line of thought. With them, you don't know what you'll get if you elect them to parliament. They wanted to be the most populist of the parties currently represented in the state parliament at all costs. Whether another faction will take this position from them in the state parliament in october 2018 is now up to the voters.
It is also the task of the SPD in bavaria not to allow more and more people to defect to this so-called alternative for germany "this association that is no alternative and that despises our constitutional state and our democracy". We need to talk to those who no longer feel that they are being taken seriously in this society. With: "on the flags of the labor movement was 'unity makes strong'. This cannot be reminded often enough. Above all, because social democracy is more important than ever for our country, which is changing more and more rapidly", hiersemann concluded her speech.