On the occasion of the annual general meeting of the citizens’ initiative of schondra against suedlink e.V. Chairman rainer morshauser was able to bury about 30 people in singenrain. The report of activities, presented by the secretary-general, florian karges, showed that in the past year the main focus was on consultations with neighboring citizens’ initiatives, participation in conferences and gathering information on the state of the proceedings.

With regard to the current state of affairs, the chairman stated that tennet will submit a preferred corridor to the federal network agency in accordance with section 8 of the nabeg, which crosses the district of bad kissingen to the east. The western route near zeitlofs is still available as an alternative, while the route along the A7 is no longer included. Objections to this planning can now only be raised by those directly affected and by those with public interests.

After the subsequent review meetings, this phase of the federal sectoral planning will be completed by the beginning of 2020 at the latest. Morshauser also reported on progress in cable technology and emphasized: "the issue of masts is off the table."

Trump after 'shithole' comment: I'm not a racist

After worldwide criticism of his alleged cleanup of "shithole" states, U.S. President donald trump has again rejected accusations of racism.

"I am not a racist. I’m the least racist person you’ve ever interviewed, I can tell you that," trump told media in florida in response to related questions. In the past few days, trump’s alleged reassertion had provoked a devastating international response.

According to U.S. Media reports, trump reportedly asked at a meeting with senators on thursday why the U.S. Had to take in so many people from shithole counties. It was about the residency status of people from haiti, el salvador and african countries. The white house initially did not deny the reports. Trump himself wrote on twitter that there were harsh words spoken, but not these.

The flu season is approaching

Your nose is runny, your throat is sore, and you feel exhausted and exhausted. The reason for this is often a cold, which doctors call a viral infection. The flu can have up to 30 different pathogens, including the well-known rhinoviruses. After a few days of rest, however, the world seems to be back in order again in most cases. It should be emphasized, however, that a cold, like the flu, can also be severe.

The "real" one flu

"Even we, as doctors, sometimes have a hard time figuring out if it’s a cold or the flu.", admits general practitioner dimitrios lazanakis.

Flu is triggered by influenza viruses. Symptoms like muscle-, limb-, headache, bronchitis and fever appear very fast and strong. If the flu is severe, it can cause pneumonia, meningitis or cardiovascular problems. Thus, possible complications can prolong the duration of the illness, which is usually five to seven days.

rough station in rodental for gerhard preb

The reception was hosted by the rodentaler CSU. And its chairwoman ingrid ott also held the detailed eulogy for the mayor, who has been in office for 28 years and will not run again in the 2014 municipal election.

Ingrid ott described gerhard preb as a "personality, the "rough view" far beyond the borders of rodental and the coburg region genius. "Is it any wonder that he was called "a success factor" in the-
a few weeks ago, he was awarded the bavarian order of merit for his outstanding commitment to the ministry?"

Ingrid ott recalled some of gerhard preb’s most notable career milestones: in 1964, he entered the administrative service of the state of bavaria, first at the district office in wunsiedel, later in ebermannstadt, and from 1970 at the district office in coburg.

Supporting the fire brigade and maintaining cultural life

Christian samann is now at the helm of the iffigheim firefighters’ association. After twelve years in office, thomas drebel did not retire completely, however, but continues to work as an assessor. 101 members pay the association.

The association was founded on 3. June 1984 with the aim to promote and support the fire department. Here the new chairman of the association christian samann suggested an amendment of the articles of association. It should be considered whether a second goal, namely the preservation of cultural life in the town, should not be anchored. Finally, it is the fire department association that organizes all the festivities. He will also take care of the future village community center.

The fire station was occupied 120 times last year, twice more than the year before. This was reported by thomas drebel in his last report as chairman of the council. Ten times the tent had been lent. Here the meeting of the members agreed to the purchase of new tent tarpaulins.

Without registration and insurance

On saturday night, traffic police officers temporarily pulled out a car on the A 3 that was neither registered nor covered by insurance.

Against 23.30 o’clock the officers had controlled a seat, to which a dutch export license plate was attached. When checking the license plate and the registration certificate, the police noticed that the validity period of the license plate did not correspond to the stamps in the document.

Both the stamps on the license plate and those in the document had obviously been falsified. In addition, the insurance certificate turned out to be a total forgery, according to the police report.

Margarete Kestler has died

Margarete kestler, nee kluhr, from sommerach has died at the age of 89. The daughter of the winegrowers lorenz and hildegard kluhr married the sommerach winegrower valentin kestler († 1983) in 1947.

Until the end, the deceased showed great interest in the events of her home community. Family cohesion has always been a major concern for her. In addition to her work in the vineyard, kestler spent 22 years making sure that the readers of this newspaper had their reading material right on the breakfast table.

For a quarter of a century, she was also on the road, week after week, delivering the catholic sunday bulletin. Despite her busy schedule, the deceased also took time to volunteer in her home community. For example, she got involved with the local countrywomen’s group.

Grune's commitment is well received

That the bamberg gay and lesbian association uferlos e. V. Not only parties, but with different actions in the public, showed up these days once again in the city center. 16 members met in spite of freezing cold to collect mull together in bamberg.
How it came to the idea, explains first chairman martin clab in the press release: "on this day we had put our planet pink party under an irish-green motto, because the 17. March yes as ,st. St. Patrick’s day’ is celebrated. And with the idea of celebrating a green party, one thing led to another …". This is how the idea came about to organize a rubbish collection campaign – a kind of spring cleaning – in the city during the day. This fits perfectly to the green party and brings added value to all bambergers.
Your "blessing the environmental office of the city of bamberg, represented by karin koberlein, gave the following donations for the campaign. She was there at the start of the action and wished the participants a good hand. Koberlein and third mayor wolfgang metzner (SPD) thanked the gay and lesbian association for this commitment to the general public, which they had shown on their own initiative. Metzner was enthusiastic and was pleased that "uferlos despite the onset of winter with temperatures in the minus degrees, they had steadfastly put the action into practice.
The action participants were then also on the move for several hours in the inner city area and collected several bags of gauze. They repeatedly received a lot of encouragement from passers-by who had noticed the effort. From the rows of "uferlos it was also heard that they had been able to continue for three weeks because of the cigarette butts alone. But also the other rubbish that the participants collected around the ZOB, the fubganger zone, the maxplatz and further in the heart of the old town, was clearly noticeable in terms of words.
The participants were pleased that they had been invited by the university group "queer uni bamberg" have been supported energetically. For some time now, they have been talking to each other and pursuing a path of cooperation. For the autumn a repetition of the action is planned.

Police officer falsifies report - Bamberg soccer fan exonerated

The district court of ingolstadt confirmed a corresponding report of the "donaukurier from thursday.

In the summer of 2013, riots broke out at the main train station in ingolstadt during a soccer match between the second team of FC ingolstadt and FC eintracht bamberg in the fourth division of the bavarian regional league. The policeman had beaten up a fan of the visiting team with a baton. Afterwards, the police chief stated in the incident report that the man had kicked him in the back and then threatened him with a broken beer bottle. However, a video proves that the fan pushed the policeman and did not threaten him with the bottle, because another policeman took it away from him beforehand.

Judge: report deliberately falsified

that the report was an error of perception on the part of the convicted man was ruled out by the judge at the sentencing hearing on wednesday. "The report was deliberately written incorrectly", he explained. It is still unclear what will happen to the convicted policeman. If the penalty becomes legal, the official will be removed from service. "But he still has a week after the verdict to appeal", the judge explained.

At the time, the 30 or so bamberg fans were joined by violent supporters of the nurnberg ultras. Dpa/agr

Bicycles: the boom continues

Even in the post-war period, it was still considered an important means of transport. In the sixties the bicycle was displaced by the car – those who could afford it now moved around by motorized means.

For about a decade now, however, the bicycle has been experiencing a renaissance, and especially since e-bikes and pedelecs have been on the market, more and more people are discovering their love of getting around on two wheels. In germany alone, the number of pedelecs more than doubled from 1.3 million to 2.8 million between 2012 and 2016. The market for electronically assisted bicycles has developed rapidly, and in a very short time a large number of new types of e-bikes with increasingly refined technology and elegant design and a high level of comfort have come onto the market.

Popular sport

In the region’s cycling communities, this boom is being experienced firsthand – this year even more than ever before. Cycling has long since become a popular sport, according to a survey of specialist retailers in the district. Jurgen schulz from the cycling store of the same name in neuenmarkt: "the cyclists have not become more, they are just riding more now because they have more time in the corona crisis. The normal cyclists, who have nowhere else to go because of corona, have taken their bikes out of the cellar or the shed again."