Soon 175 years of the burgberg tunnel

In the regnitz valley, which runs from south to north, the erlanger burgberg forms a barrier due to its east-west orientation. The nurnberg-bamberg trunk road and the ludwig-danube-main canal could still be passed on the narrow valley floor between the regnitz and the western slope of the mountain. When the nurnberg – bamberg railroad line was built as part of the ludwig-sud-nord railroad, there was no more room for a railroad line.
Therefore, in 1842, it was decided to build a tunnel through the castle hill, which lasted until 1844. In addition, king ludwig I. From bavaria demonstrate the tunneling skills of the kingdom of bavaria. Shortly before (1839), the saxons had built a tunnel on the long-distance line from leipzig to dresden. The tunnel through the burgberg was the first bavarian railroad tunnel (length: 306.65 meters) and is today the oldest still in operation in germany. After its completion, the ludwig-sud-nord-bahn connected lindau on lake constance with hof on the border to saxony and had a total length of 566 kilometers. The inauguration took place on 25. August 1844, the first tarmac train ran on august 1, 1844. September of the same year.
In 1936, the tunnel was extended to accommodate the electric overhead line.
As is known, in the course of the four-track extension of the railroad line nurnberg-ebensfeld, a second tube was built next to the tunnel of 1844. With a maximum cover of 38 meters, it is also 306 meters long , to preserve the historic portal situation. The existing tunnel was also rehabilitated in the course of the tree removal work. 

The property at hauptstrabe 13 is to be converted into a burgher’s house as part of the city’s urban development plan. In the search for the best possible design, the majority of the municipal council decided at the meeting on tuesday evening to launch a competition, the procedure for which, however, must be accompanied by a planning office. In response to the call for tenders, two offices applied and presented their ideas at the meeting.

Thomas wieden from the planning office holl-wieden from wurzburg and gregor baumle from the architecture and urban planning office baumle from darmstadt presented their offices, explained the procedure in a competition process and their focus in their accompanying activities. This includes the EU-wide invitation to tender, the determination of the basic principles on the basis of the community’s vision for the redesign of the auditorium, the preparation of the tender documents, the determination of the field of participants, the issuing of the competition documents and the submission of the initial bids. These can be corrected after a possible inspection of the land and the answering of questions.

A panel of judges makes a preliminary assessment after a preliminary meeting and holds a meeting for shortlisting. The procedure also allows for the publication of the individual plan proposals. According to thomas wieden, the process should take about ten to twelve months. In response to questions from the council, he informed that the specifications of the municipality must be included in the planning "and also what costs will be incurred during the conversion". The costs for the procedure – "also the price judges cost money" – were indicated by the representatives with approximately 100,000 euro, whereby a demand of approximately 60 per cent comes to bear. The ultimately selected planning office will carry out the performance phases "if the government has also approved". According to baumle, the procedure should be completed before the summer vacations of 2019 "and the preliminary planning is very important for the economic viability of the transformation of the present".

Eu: resolute action needed to save the seas

The situation of the european seas must be improved urgently with decisive measures in view of comprehensive problems such as overfishing, climate change and pollution.

This is the conclusion of the copenhagen-based EU environmental agency EEA in a report on the situation of europe’s seas. Otherwise, time is running out to reverse decades of failures and excessive exploitation.

The eea still has the opportunity to restore important key elements for the resilience of marine ecosystems, the eea explained. But urgent and decisive action is needed to bring human use of the oceans into better harmony with the ecosystems.

surfer dies after shark attack off australian east coast

Heroic action without a happy ending: two surfers fought a rough shark off the east coast of australia on sunday and pulled another surfer, who had been bitten by the animal, to the beach.

But his left leg injuries were too severe – the 60-year-old from the state of queensland died despite immediate treatment, police reported. It is assumed that the three meter long attacker was a female shark. The attack occurred at the popular salt beach near kingscliff, 800 kilometers north of sydney.

The nearby beaches were then cleared, bathers and surfers had to leave the waters. Helicopters set off in search of the shark. A female shark was spotted and tracked. The beaches were initially to remain closed for 24 hours for the police investigation.

And the boomerang flies..

The youth summer vacation program in the community of altenkunstadt went into its next round. This time, the children and young people were given the opportunity to make a boomerang, which used to be the weapon of such well-known tribes as the aborigines. Gerhard kunze shows how it's done.

The oldest boomerangs made of wood were unearthed during excavations in australia, they are about 10 000 years old. Even older are boomerang finds, which were made from the stob tooth of a woolly mammoth, and even in agyptian burial chambers litter woods belonged to the grave goods. The traditional shape of a boomerang, explained gerhard kunze, resembles the letter "L"; however, there are now designs that have three and more "poor" ants. But all of them have a rather similar shape, which creates a dynamic buoyancy. It resembles the wing profile of an airplane. There were always two main distinctions: the hunting boomerangs, which could fly farther and more unerringly, and the so-called "return boomerangs" which returned to their launcher.

The latter were then immediately allowed to attack the girls and boys. Gerhard kunze decided not to use hardwood as usual, but plywood, which is easier to work with by children. Of course, the flight characteristics of the homemade boomerangs were also tested right away.

Vw: no inadmissible defeat software in newer diesels

As things stand, "nothing illegal happened," a VW spokesman told the deutsche presse agency. He was responding to a report by SWR radio that newer diesel engines with the euro 6 emissions standard also have software installed that recognizes whether the vehicle is on a test stand, a so-called "cycle recognition". According to the SWR report, the successor to the scandalous EA189 engine, the EA288, is involved.

A VW spokesman explained that it is not forbidden to establish so-called "driving curves". In this process, certain properties of a car are set in such a way that, in principle, it can also be detected whether it is currently undergoing a test run. However, developers were not allowed to use these settings to influence the exhaust control system, for example. There are no indications that something like this could have happened.

Even when asked by SWR, the VW group denied the accusation: vehicles with the EA288 diesel engine did not contain "any cycle detection" and therefore no inadmissible defeat device.

researcher: german labor market shifts down a gear

For the summer, they still expect unemployment to fall and new jobs to be created, but at a subdued pace, according to the labor market monitor published by the institute for labor market and occupational research (IAB).

The labor market barometer, based on a survey of the heads of the 156 german employment agencies, fell for the second time in succession in may. It decreased slightly by 0.4 points to 104.1 payers. In april, the value had fallen by 0.9 points to 104.5 payers. The barometer scale ranges from 90 (very poor development) to 110 (very good development). He thus continues to indicate a positive climate.

IAB labor market researcher enzo weber attributes the employment agency heads’ cautious outlook to the recent somewhat slower growth of the german economy. "The economy has shifted down two gears, the labor market is shifting down at least one gear," weber explained. The number of unemployed in may presents the federal agency this wednesday in nurnberg.

Vdk bad kissingen has rejuvenated its board of directors

The vdk local association of bad kissingen, with over 1900 members, elected a totally younger board of directors at its general meeting. Only lorette weib, who already held the office of deputy chairwoman, remained from the old kissingen executive committee.

But from the beginning: a few weeks ago, the garitz vdk local association, with its over 200 members, unanimously broke up. "This would not have been absolutely necessary, because actually the two local federations garitz and bad kissingen wanted to merge", dear district secretary manuela metz the present know. "It's great how the vdk in kissingen has run so far", praised the geschaftsfuhrerin further, only that for the association with its scarcely 1700 members because of illness and age hardly still a new executive committee found itself. So the vdk local association in bad kissingen gained well over 200 new members virtually overnight, who also made up a large part of the new executive committee in the upcoming election.

Helmut beck, former chairman of the "garitzers, was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the vdk local association in bad kissingen. The 67-year-old is also already deputy chairman of the vdk and sits on various committees. The approximately 100 members present from bad kissingen and garitz also unanimously elected all other board members. As before, lorette weib was confirmed as first deputy chairwoman and women's representative.