Untersiemau has two new honorary burghers

With the two honorees appointed on thursday at the pre-christmas honorary session, the community has again reached the maximum number of five living honorary burghers prescribed by the statutes. The other three honorary citizens are: fritz werner finzel, arno stammberger and gunther kob. With whimsical words the latter took the two "in the circle of the ehrenburger-fraktion" at.
Thanking people who are particularly committed to the well-being of the community and its citizens is a special honor for him, said mayor rolf rosenbauer during the laudation. The two deserving citizens of mitburg are by no means "inflationary honors" and certainly not everyday or annual honors. The ehrenburgerwurde is the highest award that the municipality can bestow, he emphasized.

Helmut gelhaar focused on sound budget management during his three decades of honorary service on the town council. The reason for this will have been his job as district chamberlain. A contribution from helmut gelhaar has always carried weight. His commitment in various functions was versatile and far-sighted. Rosenbauer: "the name helmut gelhaar still stands today in the community as an example of friendliness, competence and commitment in politics and society."

Reinhart freiherr von stockmar von wangenheim was a member of the municipal council for a total of 35 years. During this time, he understood how to represent the interests of the citizens, first of obersiemau and later of all the citizens of the municipality, and to contribute pioneering and creative ideas for the further development of the municipality, the mayor emphasized. His plus, he says, has always been objectivity and decision-making competence across party lines.
Under karl zeitler, he was second mayor from 1984 to 1990. He supervised the proper use of the finances for many years as chairman of the audit committee (with gelhaar). He felt just as comfortable in various committees as he did in the school association meeting. He has also been successfully represented on many other committees.

Easter also includes a hen!

Winter is on its last legs, and spring has already arrived in the city of westphalia. And that in the form of the coburg brunnenstrabe. This is created year after year by schools and youth institutions from the city and the region. During these days, ten inner-city fountains will once again be transformed into true masterpieces.
"We care a lot about the action, says city manager annette kolb. But to their regret, not quite so many schools and youth facilities are taking part this year. "We are finding it increasingly difficult to find players. The schools can hardly take the time for such projects because of the tighter schedules. That is a pity." Nevertheless, the easter fountains should go on. "In the future we will continue to try to get as many participants as possible. There are even already commitments for the brunnenstrabe 2014", tells annette kolb.
The school at the hofgarten had a special idea for its fountain in webergasse. Educator stephanie stadler says: "we wanted a concept in which every schoolchild could be involved. That was the most valuable thing to me." Marcel, a student at the school am hofgarten, explains how work was done: "to easter belong easter bunnies and easter eggs. We made the rabbits out of slats. And because the eggs come from hens, we put a hen in the middle of the picture. The heibt wilma." The fountain in webergasse is adorned by a fence made of 36 wooden slats. Four to five schoolchildren at a time were allowed to turn a latte into their own easter bunny and give it a nose, ears, face and a name. There was one guideline for the design: "the children could only do what they brought the necessary materials for", tells teacher christine geub.
The 36 easter bunnies have crazy names and faces. So there is the rabbit james bond, who is equipped with a suit and a toy gun or the rabbit michael jordan, who sits in a wheelchair and has a basketball in his hand. Another hare hires speedy gonzales. "Because it is so fast", explains marcel, who designed this rabbit with his friends. "We have let the children implement their own ideas and have not corrected anything. The children have different motor skills and have helped each other as a result. Severely handicapped children have, for example, taken on foundation work. So really each of our 120 students has contributed something to this community work", emphasizes stephanie stadler.
The gymnasium albertinum has its fountain according to the motto "upper franconia – eastern franconia designs. Self-painted pictures of typical upper franconian food and drink such as schaufele, beer or wine adorn the fountain in front of the albertinum. "The easter fountain campaign is a symbol for us to say goodbye to winter", explains teacher martin spichaler from the albertinum grammar school.

In the church there is a wishing tree for the kindergarten

Also in the evangelical kindergarten st. Michael the team continues to be creative despite the corona investigation. A rough rainbow with pits to the children decorates the window to the bus station of the elementary school. Next to it hang painted rainbow pictures of the children. In the entrance area a stone snake has been created, which is constantly growing. In the bicycle garage, the children can pick up painting and handicraft activities. The staff is in contact with the parents via e-mail and sends offers, stories, songs, videos and much more to the children. Even the easter bunny placed his easter nest in front of each child’s tur. As the management reports, the team uses the time for things that have long been left undone or postponed.

Wish list with new books

In addition to conception, planning and renovations, the wish tree was also created. As with the "book sponsor" campaign the city library can take a book wish from a tree in the protestant church and have it fulfilled. Those who like can be mentioned by name in the book.

Small bookshop is created

"A new room for the children is being created in the basement hall, where the children can acquire knowledge in the areas of language and mathematics education. There will also be a small library where parents and children can borrow books," says fischkal tells katja maschmeyer. The team has gone through all available books, sorted them out and integrated them by hand. In the process, the new wishes and the idea of the wish tree were born.

Magazine publishers call for media use as a school subject

"We are vehemently in favor of schools learning what which medium stands for," said managing director anina veigel in an interview with the german press agency. Teachers also needed to "know a lot more about new media because we have a gross information overload".

With the help of the state government, the association also wants to exert pressure to prevent an eu directive planned in brussel that would newly regulate data protection and online tracking. The so-called e-privacy directive has caused publishers’ digital advertising sales to plummet by 30 percent, veigel said. The circulation did not create a plus in data protection and made the magazines less attractive for the advertising market. In the end, the winners are U.S. Companies like google, facebook and amazon, "which per se have a lot of data about their users and – one sometimes gets the impression – can do whatever they want.

The VZB represents the interests of almost 100 bavarian magazine companies. At its annual meeting on 19. April in munich, minister-president markus soder (CSU) is also expected to speak.

building yard and fire department move together

The municipality of gadheim is planning to build a new, joint domicile below the school in gadheim for the municipality’s building yard and for the gadheim-ottendorf volunteer fire department. The municipal council was informed in its meeting on monday evening that the cost is a good two million euros.

Rainer kitzinger of the engineering firm of the same name in wulflingen explained that, due to the slope of the site, a terraced building on three levels was planned. While the building yard will occupy the upper part of the building and the fire department will use the lowest wing, the middle part will be available to both. For the building yard, a vehicle hall, storage rooms, a washing area, changing rooms and sanitary facilities, workshops, parking spaces, offices (also for the mayor) and a roofed open area are planned.

Only for employees of the building yard

The access to the building is only possible for the employees of the building yard. The fire department will have three parking spaces, sanitary facilities, a commandant’s office, a dry room, a flat for practical exercises, washing areas, storage rooms, workshops, parking spaces and rooms for the hose maintenance facility. In addition, the building services will be housed on this floor. The mezzanine has a large training room, sanitary facilities, a tea room, a lounge, a room for the youth fire brigade and a terrace.

And in the end, gerhard preb will still be

Another year and a half, then life begins for gerhard preb, at least that's what udo jurgens believes. Rodental's mayor will be 66 when his term of office ends at the next municipal election. "Then I'll buy a motorcycle and a leather dress…", he told his grandson julius, who does not know udo jurgens. "No, grandpa, you're not doing that", the second grader clarified. "You stay at home and do homework with me." Which also solved the mystery surrounding the future of the local political warhorse preb. He becomes OB "opaburgermeister" after all. But these days, the first thing to do is celebrate. Preb turns 65 on thursday.

Graduation at the top of the class

Gerhard Preb didn't think about the post he held longer than his predecessor ferdinand fischer when he started training at the district administration office in wunsiedel after leaving school. Born in thiersheim, he had never heard of rodental. That did not exist at that time. The fact that an instructor advised him to do something different because he was not suitable for administrative work proved to be a misjudgement. Gerhard preb passed his final exams at the top of his class, landed an internship at the ebermannstadt district administration office, and probably had a career there as well.

Sports badges for almost 500 schools

Jumping strength, speed, endurance, coordination and quickness were in demand, and the result was a record number of participants: the girls and boys of the herzogenaurach elementary school are particularly sporty. The sports badge is only awarded to those who jump far, run fast and have stamina. 486 out of 547 girls and boys from herzogenaurach succeeded in doing so.

Sports badges were awarded at the carl-platz-school and at burgstaller weg. "Such a participation is unique in the district of erlangen-hochstadt and exemplary for the whole of bavaria", praised BLSV district chairman walter fellermeier at the award ceremony. Mayor german hacker was not sparing with praise either. "We expected up to 50 sports badges and were pleasantly surprised by 486 sports badges", the mayor highlighted the achievement.

In herzogenaurach, it is traditional for the young participants in the sports badge to receive an atlantis voucher from the city. Cheers erupted when the mayor held up the envelope. When he took office, principal markus hahn announced that he would intensify training for the "german youth sports badge. He expressed his pride at the handover . "The badge and the certificate should be an incentive for you to continue to be sporty and active", the rector and the mayor wished for.

This is how you can change the world in a fair way

The world should become different and more just, fairer. At least that is what the "weltfairanderer" have decided at the dr.-ernst-schmidt-realschule ebern on their flags. They want to draw attention to the fact that the resources in our world are not inexhaustible and that everyone can contribute to making the world a better place. It is not only a matter of talking about it, but also of taking concrete action.

Verena hack, education officer at the church youth work of the diozese of wurzburg, is active in a theme tent in ebern with eight employees who lead and accompany the project. "The idea for the project came from mainz and is now being continued in several dioceses," says verena hack, says the young woman. Not only students from the secondary school took part in the project in ebern, but also various other groups, such as the "I-have-a-dream-group" from kirchlauter committed to social causes. A group from the kindergarten and the senior altar boys from ebern also took part in a workshop. "Oh yes, from sendelbach the evangelic church group 'rocksofa' was there, who held a service in our tent", says verena hack.

Under the motto: "the little you can do is a lot" (albert schweitzer) liked the educational offer "become a fair-trade world traveller". Sensitizing children and young people to the important issue of sustainability and social justice in their own living environment. Since 2010, teams have been visiting schools to promote the "weltfairanderer" for a school week-to set up a tent and conduct workshops with the students. "The aim is not only to make children and young people aware of the important issues of sustainability, but also to show them a way to become active themselves, says verena hack.

First comes the auditorium

The 50 year old assembly hall and the toilets are to be demolished. The gym from the 1970s will also be torn down, along with the dressing rooms. Before that, dust walls will be pulled in to minimize the impact on the rest of the school building. The elementary and middle school with its eleven classes and 225 students will probably have to live with the construction site for a while.

In the first phase of construction, the municipality of frensdorf has set its sights on the renovation and renovation of the auditorium with a multi-purpose room, new toilet facilities and the redesign of the playground. The conversion is to create a multipurpose room that can be separated from the auditorium with a sliding wall.

Rough event space

The prichsenstadt city council determined street names in the ziegelgarten VI residential area. Development planned for spring.

The new ziegelgarten VI development area in prichsenstadt is scheduled for completion in the spring with 22 plots of land. In order to register the results of the surveys and the new land plot in the land register, the city council decided on the names of the streets and the house numbers in its most recent meeting.

The future neuburgers live on the road to the well house and on the larchen road. Zur brunnenstube is the perpendicular southward continuation of the existing street of the same name from the residential area above. "That’s why it makes sense to name it that way," said burgermeister rene schlehr from. The second road is planned as a ring road and should have been called either larchenweg or eichenweg.