The so-called digital compass location for all questions about the internet was opened in the multigenerational house (MGH) of the awo-treff bad rodach these days. This is intended to help older people on their way into the internet and the digital world as part of the nationwide "digital compass" project support and guidance should be offered, as mobile internet use via smartphone and tablet is increasing, especially among seniors. After all, 79 percent of those aged 60 to 69 and 45 percent of those over 70 are now online. The german workers’ welfare association (awo) has therefore taken the step of accompanying the elderly in the digitalization process. Bad rodach is now one of the eleven bavarian digital compass locations. There are dedicated people who are trained in the daily use of advice and the internet and who pass on their knowledge.

"Who wouldn’t want to communicate with old friends or distant relatives, or share the lives of their children and grandchildren by video phone??", asked the speaker, guido steinke from the consumer initiative.

"We want to explain the world of digital media to seniors so they can use it to shape their personal lives. This includes video telephony, buying cheaper tickets on the german railroads and convenient travel booking from home," says lazanakis, MGH manager nicole voigt described the goals. Dav

He is known as a bullmaster, a sheep and fish farmer, and spends every possible minute outdoors. And he front for over 50 years of a rough passion, the hunt. "I shot my first wild boar at the age of 22 and since then i’ve been out and about in the surrounding areas. I know almost every tree in the area." Being on the high seat for hours at night is never boring, you can distinguish the individual sounds and trace the power of nature, he says. And when the hunting fever awakens, it is like a kick, the waiting for the event. He can’t even pay for the hunts anymore, not a week goes by without him being out on the prowl. His fellow hunters have given him credit for a sure eye and a steady hand, he says with pride. In the past, the night was often turned into day after the halali, nimrod remembers "now people have calmed down a bit". Not but what connects the travel with the hunt "there still burns desire to get to know new". Stocker points to his trophies: "I shot the chamois in slovenia, the deer in eastern poland, rabbits and pheasants in scotland, the wild sow in turkey and the mouflon in hungary.

Suddenly his eyes light up when he thinks of namibia. "I’ve already been there twice on safari, it’s unbelievable what there is to see. The most dangerous moment in his hunting life: in early southwest africa, an elan, the largest antelope at 17 hundredweight, raced past right next to him. "That was close, he remembers.
The "kniff", as his friends call him, but he also takes care of the game, sees it as a partner and not as an opponent. "I can hardly imagine a life without hunting", he says.
He recently bought a ferlacher, a handmade rifle from austria. "I don’t look at the euro." Tomorrow he will go out again, into the forest, he says in farewell.

Fans travel from half of europe

When international top-class acts like millencolin from sweden or russkaja from vienna make kronach’s fortress walls shake on saturday, the meanwhile biggest festival in the region of upper franconia and south thuringia will be starting up. All 2600 tickets for "festung rockt the tickets sold like hot cakes – even abroad to england, the czech republic, austria and switzerland. "Unbelievable, insane! No one expected such an onslaught", says samuel rauch, head of the youth and culture center "struwwelpeter organizes the festival.

The reasons for the great demand are obvious: a great atmosphere, top musical acts, an excellent organization – and all this for a reasonable ticket price, for which you had to pay much more elsewhere. "No festival without sponsoring – at least not at such prices", samuel rauch points out. Fortunately, for the first time, we were able to gain a main sponsor in the form of the weber machine factory, which will continue to support the festival in the coming years.

"We support ‘festung rockt’ because it is a festival for all people in this region. It’s great when international bands play in kronach. In the past, you had to travel several hundred kilometers for such festivals; today you have one right outside your door", ludwig weber, member of the management board of maschinenfabrik weber, is delighted. "The event has taken a huge development. What is achieved here cannot be overestimated", notes ludwig weber.

Germany in the tourist boom

The number of overnight stays by travelers from abroad rose particularly sharply (plus 6 percent). In comparison, the number of overnight stays by residents increased by only half as much, namely by 3 percent. At 330.3 million, they still booked more than five times as many overnight stays as guests from other countries with 63.8 million.

With the growth, germany established itself in 2011 as the second most popular travel destination for europeans after spain (+10 percent) for all trips, reported petra hedorfer, head of the german central office for tourism (DZT). This has enabled the gap to france to be further widened. In addition, double-digit growth rates from china, india and brazil are responsible for the dynamic from abroad, hedorfer said in frankfurt.

In addition to the netherlands as the largest group of guests, the swiss in particular had discovered neighboring germany as a favorably priced travel destination with a high quality of service and service orientation. At around 4.4 million, the number of overnight stays from switzerland was twice as high as ten years ago. The confederates preferred the luxury segment and bought all kinds of goods because of the favorable exchange rate to the euro, hedorfer reported.