With humor into the depths of the Mordean soul

It is always exciting and humorous to read a book by helmut vorndran. Just as gripping and funny is a reading with the popular bestselling crime writer, who has ended his cabaret career with TBC (totales bamberger cabaret) and now concentrates on his literary art. At his reading on tuesday evening at the habfurt cultural office, he fascinated the audience with excerpts from his books.

According to the alphabet
In addition to the collection of "mords-geschichten" (murder stories) under the title "dead by franken" has helmut vorndran with "alabaster grave", "blood fire and "the colibri effect three bose, dramatic and mysterious franken crime novels written that could well be described as thrillers.

It is not by chance that the romance titles begin with the letters A, B and C. For the author, whose cabaret vein shines through in each of the books, plans sequels according to the order of the alphabet.

Forchheimer jahnhalle full of melting hearts

From the very first minute, the more than 300 visitors to the "tiroler weihnacht" were enthusiastic in the jahnhalle in forchheim enthusiastically. It is not surprising that christoph and tanja hauser, better known as "da zillertaler und die geigerin" (the zillertal singer and the violinist) the festive evening with the "zillertaler wedding march open .

So first of all the mood, clapping and swaying was announced. For example, with the self-penned song "with grandma to paloma". Things were a little quieter at the waltz "grune tannen" to or at the violin-boarischen, where the couple even asked the guests to dance, before the duo of the "golden voice from worthersee" made way.

Melting hearts

Silvio samoni melted the hearts of the listeners when he assured them: "you are my angel on earth", a song he had dedicated to his wife. As a self-confessed fan of italy, the specialist for songs with heart also delighted the audience with a medley of italian songs, starting with fausto leali’s "A chi" about "mama leone until the "prisoners’ choir from giuseppe verdi’s opera "nabucco. When the brothers vincent and fernando, alias ulrich and otto messner from andrian in sudtirol, took the stage, a listener in the front row murmured: "they’ve only been on tv." In forchheim, they set the mood for the christmas season with quiet wisdom. Their song "angels of marienberg" was not to be missed with which you won the grand prix of folk music nine years ago. The duo, which belongs to the elite group of folk music, moved the audience with emotional, slightly melancholic songs with depth.

Young people receive much praise for 72 hours of commitment

Almost 165 young people made the district of forchheim a little better over the weekend: altar boys in kersbach, for example, made the community aware of the need to preserve biodiversity, even in a retirement home.

In eggolsheim, they have collected and sorted items that are no longer needed and then passed them on to charitable organizations. And on the castle feuerstein near ebermannstadt a garden of human rights was created.

A total of eight groups took part, and together they made six projects a reality. On sunday, more than half of the young people met at the parade ground in forchheim to conclude the action together. District administrator hermann ulm (CSU) praised the young people personally for their commitment and presented them with certificates.

Alexandra Hiersemann gives herself a fighting face

How spectacularly the political situation can change within a year. A year ago, SPD supporters celebrated their hopeful martin schulz, and member of the bundestag martina stamm-fibich arrived "completely inspired on the occasion of the political ash wednesday of the herzogenaurach SPD local association in the brewery inn heller.
This year, at least a record attendance at the event gave local chairwoman renate schroff reason to rejoice. The chairwoman spoke of extreme highs and lows of the SPD in the past year as well as of a disaster at the election and of a new situation after the jamaika-outs. Now eagerly awaiting the results of the member survey. "We have to be surprised. With our solidary attitude we will also get back into better waters", hopes the chairwoman.
For mayor german hacker, the change at the top of the party and in the key offices was necessary and right in view of a grand coalition after the federal election. The SPD had thus completed the forward-looking generation and personnel change in order to implement the party's substantive successes from the coalition negotiations.

No discussion of names

Alexandra hiersemann, member of the state parliament, looked ahead, saying that the SPD had run a highly motivated election campaign, but that the result had not lived up to what everyone had fought for. The members had also wished for a different strategic approach by the party in recent weeks. "But I want to make it clear: I am not taking part in the discussion about personnel issues and names that are currently flying through the air on a daily basis, this is not getting us anywhere", declared the delegate. People rightly expected the party to show itself reliable again.
The SPD will continue to fight against the sustained refusal of the CSU state government to implement federal requirements, such as work and training opportunities for fugitives in bavaria. Guidelines that were decided not least by the SPD participation in the last groko. The free state must also give project sponsors the opportunity to create long-term employment contracts and not lay the foundation for chain fixed-term contracts through the free state's practice of making demands here. The practice in the free state is in blatant discrepancy with the political sunday speeches of the CSU.

"Blurred guiding culture"

"And we will not allow the CSU, through the current bavarian minister of home affairs and the perhaps future federal minister of home affairs, to claim bavaria exclusively as its home. With their blurred and diffuse xenophobic guiding culture, they have not leased the bavarian and the french homeland for themselves. We bavarian social democrats also belong here", the member of the state parliament declared to applause.
Hiersemann also did not rule out a swing to the free voters. They are a bunch of individualists who do not have a unified line of thought. With them, you don't know what you'll get if you elect them to parliament. They wanted to be the most populist of the parties currently represented in the state parliament at all costs. Whether another faction will take this position from them in the state parliament in october 2018 is now up to the voters.
It is also the task of the SPD in bavaria not to allow more and more people to defect to this so-called alternative for germany "this association that is no alternative and that despises our constitutional state and our democracy". We need to talk to those who no longer feel that they are being taken seriously in this society. With: "on the flags of the labor movement was 'unity makes strong'. This cannot be reminded often enough. Above all, because social democracy is more important than ever for our country, which is changing more and more rapidly", hiersemann concluded her speech.

Impressions from invisible climes

Documentary film has always had an important place in the cinematic landscape. Commercial successes like michael moore's "fahrenheit 9/11" works or "the journey of the penguins" of the french antarctic explorer luc jacquet made the genre public. But even in the short time of about ten minutes, it succeeds in effectively depicting aspects and actual events. The first role in the documentary film competition at the bamberger kurzfilmtage was a testament to this. "From searching and finding" was the overriding motto of the five cinematic entries.

"One in two" the title already reveals that the protagonists are double personalities. Producer jan mocka and director lilian nix researched the transvestite environment and documented the lives of normal men – and their parallel lives as women. We see the protagonists shopping for shoes and handbags, dive with them into the nightlife of rough metropolises, but also learn about their everyday work during the week. The makers have succeeded in portraying home-made conflicts, the search for living out one's own personality between publicity and privacy, the renunciation of "normality" partnerships, the difficult accord with prejudices.

Carmen butta observes in "akram and the wall in the sea an eleven-year-old fisherman at his daily work in the sea off gaza. She succeeded in creating a vivid reportage of a young man who, caught in his fate in many ways, is searching for his place in life. As a teenage breadwinner of his family caught in the difficult task, as an adolescent in the narrow confines of palastina, which are also found in the sea off the gaza strip.

On the occasion of the annual general meeting of the citizens’ initiative of schondra against suedlink e.V. Chairman rainer morshauser was able to bury about 30 people in singenrain. The report of activities, presented by the secretary-general, florian karges, showed that in the past year the main focus was on consultations with neighboring citizens’ initiatives, participation in conferences and gathering information on the state of the proceedings.

With regard to the current state of affairs, the chairman stated that tennet will submit a preferred corridor to the federal network agency in accordance with section 8 of the nabeg, which crosses the district of bad kissingen to the east. The western route near zeitlofs is still available as an alternative, while the route along the A7 is no longer included. Objections to this planning can now only be raised by those directly affected and by those with public interests.

After the subsequent review meetings, this phase of the federal sectoral planning will be completed by the beginning of 2020 at the latest. Morshauser also reported on progress in cable technology and emphasized: "the issue of masts is off the table."

Trump after 'shithole' comment: I'm not a racist

After worldwide criticism of his alleged cleanup of "shithole" states, U.S. President donald trump has again rejected accusations of racism.

"I am not a racist. I’m the least racist person you’ve ever interviewed, I can tell you that," trump told media in florida in response to related questions. In the past few days, trump’s alleged reassertion had provoked a devastating international response.

According to U.S. Media reports, trump reportedly asked at a meeting with senators on thursday why the U.S. Had to take in so many people from shithole counties. It was about the residency status of people from haiti, el salvador and african countries. The white house initially did not deny the reports. Trump himself wrote on twitter that there were harsh words spoken, but not these.

The flu season is approaching

Your nose is runny, your throat is sore, and you feel exhausted and exhausted. The reason for this is often a cold, which doctors call a viral infection. The flu can have up to 30 different pathogens, including the well-known rhinoviruses. After a few days of rest, however, the world seems to be back in order again in most cases. It should be emphasized, however, that a cold, like the flu, can also be severe.

The "real" one flu

"Even we, as doctors, sometimes have a hard time figuring out if it’s a cold or the flu.", admits general practitioner dimitrios lazanakis.

Flu is triggered by influenza viruses. Symptoms like muscle-, limb-, headache, bronchitis and fever appear very fast and strong. If the flu is severe, it can cause pneumonia, meningitis or cardiovascular problems. Thus, possible complications can prolong the duration of the illness, which is usually five to seven days.

rough station in rodental for gerhard preb

The reception was hosted by the rodentaler CSU. And its chairwoman ingrid ott also held the detailed eulogy for the mayor, who has been in office for 28 years and will not run again in the 2014 municipal election.

Ingrid ott described gerhard preb as a "personality, the "rough view" far beyond the borders of rodental and the coburg region genius. "Is it any wonder that he was called "a success factor" in the-
a few weeks ago, he was awarded the bavarian order of merit for his outstanding commitment to the ministry?"

Ingrid ott recalled some of gerhard preb’s most notable career milestones: in 1964, he entered the administrative service of the state of bavaria, first at the district office in wunsiedel, later in ebermannstadt, and from 1970 at the district office in coburg.

At its meeting in july 2016, the municipal council decided that, as of the 2016/2017 school year, the open all-day school (OGS) would be organized in cooperation with "iso" e. V. Is introduced as a cooperation partner. This meant that the previous offer of lunchtime supervision was replaced.
The essential advantage of the school offer "open all-day school" the reason for this lies in the fact that the parents are free of charge and only have to pay a play money or a fee. Have to pay a contribution to the cost of materials. In return, the municipality of litzendorf pays a co-financing share of 21,000 euros to the state of bavaria for the current five groups.

The second school year has started

In september 2017 the offer is now in cooperation with iso e. V. The second school year has started. Julia meibel, project manager, and yuliya melniakava, the current manager of the open all-day school, informed the community council about their experiences with this childcare program to date and reported on the current status in the new school year.
Now the further cooperation is to be based on a contractual basis between the carrier iso e and the community of litzendorf. V. And the community of litzendorf as well as the middle school of litzendorf be provided. In addition to the general rights and obligations of the contracting parties, the points "vacation and friday care" are particularly important regulated. These are not included in the current state requirement. However, the need for this is given. If this is to be offered, the municipality of litzendorf must make a compensatory payment to iso e. V. To be provided. For friday care until 4 p.M., the annual flat rate is 5.400 euro. Vacation care is charged at 285 euros to the day and is offered for a minimum of eight students. It is also planned to pay a flat rate for additional material costs, such as training costs, for the group. With five groups, this will result in a total cost of 3,500 euros for the municipality of litzendorf.

Questions from the councillors

Following the presentation, the community council discussed in detail the differences between the after-school care program and the OGS. The female councillors in particular could not understand why there is no childcare in the OGS on fridays. In the end, the community council agreed that high-quality care makes the school location of litzendorf even more attractive.
It was also clear to everyone that this would not be free of charge. For councillor franz-josef schick (SPD) there are no better investments than investments in the future of children". The cooperation agreement with iso e.V. Was approved unanimously.
Christiane werthmann and leonhard valier from the office for urban development and urban land use planning wittmann, valier und partner gbr from bamberg present the comments received from the public stakeholders in the context of the expansion of the urban development concept (SEK) in litzendorf. The expansion mainly concerns the municipality of melkendorf with the area around the former winkler brewery. The SEK for litzendorf will be expanded to include the planned parking lot at the new double sports hall, as this is intended to ease the parking situation in the town center with the church, town hall and cemetery.
The council was informed of the comments received. Detailed statements cannot yet be made, as the utilization concept for the former winkler brewery is not yet available.
The municipal council had an extensive program with regard to the intended 3. Modification of the "tanzwiesen-west" development and land use plan to be worked off. Gerhard wittmann from the office for urban development and urban land use planning wittmann, valier und partner gbr from bamberg informed the community council that the problem of the larm, which had already been discussed, could not yet be conclusively clarified. The comments received from the public interest groups were discussed in detail. Numerous private individuals had also formulated detailed objections to the type of future development, the size of the houses and the development of the area. These were likewise appreciated by the municipal council.